Best Practices And Different Tactics of Online Music Promotions And How to Promote Your Music

For people to get into music, they need to be able to hear it. One needs to get entire catalogue up at, load those songs on MySpace, make sure iMeem and iLike have the tunes, find out what services people are using in the regions to be heard and make sure those people have easy free access to catalog.

Every band has to be on MySpace unless they're rebels, but putting together own YouTube channel, getting and using a Facebook fan page, signing up for ReverbNation and using their widgets, Twittering, posting pictures to Flickr ... surely all that stuff cannot be done, but some of it should be done, and even more than one of it.

The website should have links to all the other places that can be found online. Fans should be able to move seamlessly from one of the spots on the web to another and shouldn't have to visit multiple sites to figure out what's up with you. If you've got important news, get it up everywhere you are. If the online music promotions is streaming somewhere that has a widget to put it elsewhere, that widget should be put everywhere within the presence.

Contrary to popular belief, getting actual coverage - reviews and interviews - for the music online isn't much different than it is in the print world. In fact, it may be easier. Some music is needed, a press release and a database of contacts. That last one is the trickiest part if any promo is never done before, but there's no mystery. It's not glamorous, but it's a good time investment.

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